d/b/a Darby Terrace Apartments

4501 Central Avenue Charlotte, NC 28205



APPLY ONLINE:  darbyterrace.com

E-Mail a copy of ID and proof of income to:  darbyterrace@gmail.com


$100 Non-refundable application fee per leaseholder

$20 Non-refundable application fee per occupant over 18 years old

**Must fill out “Occupant Release & Authorization Form” with a copy of ID **

For criminal background processing.


We are providing a list of guidelines used to qualify applicants for residency in our communities.  It is required that each applicant meet the criteria listed below. Supporting documents must be submitted within 24 hours of applying, or the application will be canceled. Make sure all documents are clear and accurate.

Incomplete applications will not be processed



1. Lease holders must be at least 21 years of age. We do not accept co-signers


2. No pets allowed except Service/Support animals


3. You must have no records of eviction(s), broken leases, or poor rental history


4. You must have one valid government-issued photo identification card (driver’s license, state ID card, military card, or passport)


5. You are required to have a social security card.  If the applicant has a W7 tax ID card, then they must also provide a valid, unexpired Visa or Green Card (no photocopies).


6. Verifiable proof of employment. Must earn a monthly NET income of 2.5 times the amount of your monthly rent. We will need verifiable documentation:  Two most current paycheck stubs. If employment is less than 30 days, submit an Offer Letter on company letterhead showing start date and either salary or hourly rate plus weekly hours to be worked. Other fixed income must submit the active issuing agency documentation (award letter/statement)-social security, retirement, disability, etc.  If you are self-employed, provide a copy of your most recent tax return.


7. Verifiable previous rental history-verification of prior tenancy must contain sufficient information about the applicant’s individual tenancy in order to be considered. Living in a property that is owed by a relative or friend does not constitute a tenant/Landlord relationship for rental verification purposes. If unable to verify rental history, the applicant will be required to pay an additional Security Deposit.   


8. A credit report will be completed to verify credit worthiness that demonstrates a willingness to pay financial obligations in a timely fashion (excluding medical expenses). Collection accounts may not be in excess of $1,000.


9. You consent to a criminal background screening and may be denied for criminal convictions that would be a risk/threat to the safety of other persons and/or the property


10. Once applications are approved, the move-in date must be established and NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit paid in full within 24 hours. If not paid within the time frame, the unit will be listed back on the market.


11. The criteria which may result in a denial (includes but are not limited to): Prior eviction proceedings, past due or poor payment rental history, delinquent past/present credit obligations, insufficient income, length of employment, bankruptcy, foreclosure, collection/judgment actions, unable to verify residence or employment, criminal convictions, providing misleading/inaccurate information, and adverse, subpar, or unverified information.         *** Guideline criteria may change without notice.